82nd Street Academics

Company Overview

Community Church started Pre-K classes in 1974.  In 1985, a Summer School program started for Chinese students and quickly became known as a school that helped good students stay a step ahead during the summer.

And in 1997, Afterschool Achievement Club started to help parents and students complete homework successfully.

In 2002, Community Church decided to incorporate the school separately. The new agency still has the same desire – to get students in New York City prepared early for college.

Our Mission

To complement public education so that students in New York City, regardless of home language, have access to quality public higher education.

82nd Street Academics Values

  • Empower Students
  • Protect the Journey to College
  •  Mission Driven Staff
  • Delighted Kids

Our Ends Policies

  • Students build emotional health, confidence and personal responsibility.
  • Students form cross cultural relationships, appreciate the benefits of diversity, and are empowered to define themselves in the face of injustice.
  • Students in school age programs build skills so that autonomous academic development is possible in high school and university.

Available Positions

NY-Jackson Heights-11372
NY-Jackson Heights-11372
NY-Jackson Heights-11372
NY-Jackson Heights-11372